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C,mm,n 3.0 in Rotterdam

It was already the 6th c,mm,n garage taking place on the 28th of May. About 25 members of the c,mm,n community showed the developments they're working on. The large technology hall of Rotterdam's RDM Campus was an inspiring setting to bring c,mm,n yet another step further. 

The technical university of Eindhoven presented their progress in turning a standard Volkswagen Lupo into a full electric car. "It's a first step," says Igo Besselink, a teacher at Eindhoven. "Eventually we want to build an electric car from the ground up. The car we're now fitting with an electric drive-train will be our first test-vehicle to fiddle with all aspects of electric driving." In-wheel electric engines, for instance, greatly determine the handling of the car. The Lupo EV makes all kinds of experiments and calculations possible.

Jeroen Canton, a student at TUE Delft, presented his interim results on designing the interior of c,mm,n for energy-efficiency. Bart Vrijling, also a TU Delft student, asked for the audience's comments on his new exterior design for c,mm,n.


10.00   Entry and coffee
10.15   Word of welcome and explanation of the programme by Willem-Jan van Grondelle /
10.30   Introduction to the morning programme:  on generativity, the ability to produce and generate new things.
10.45   Working in three groups
11.30   Discussion of the results by group
11.45   Plenary evaluation (Wietske van Osch)
12.15   Lunch
13.30   Project fair featuring a series of presentations (20 minutes each, plus questions/discussion).
15.45 Plenary dicussion
16.00 Conclusion and drinks

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