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How you can help

With your help, c,mm,n will hit the streets. There are many different ways to contribute to the open source development of c,mm,n.

Discuss and develop

Do you want to discuss and help develop c,mm,n? Then come to the next c,mm,n garage! Can't wait to get started? Dive into ongoing discussions at the c,mm,n platform. Got questions? Send them to .

  • Chassis: a car needs to be able drive, and for that we need a chassis. But nothing standard, oh no! Do you know about chassis design and engineering? Check the contact page .
  • Got a better idea? Let us know >

Help out!

Your contribution to the project organisation is very welcome! Whether you want to be involved professionaly or interested to contribute in another way: we're challenging you to take the initiative.

  • Translations: part of this page is translated to English, but we're not there yet. Care to help translate Dutch to English, or other languages? Please contact .

  • Open Source licensing: c,mm,n is exploring new ground by developing hardware, ideas and services in an 'open source' way. A fitting license to share and protect all that's being invented as part of c,mm,n isn't readily available. So we need to make it ourselves. We're looking for people who can provide (legal) advice. Care to know more? Contact .


In the future, you can contribute to c,mm,n financially. Do you want to know more about this now, then please contact project manager .

Get educated

Looking for a place to study? Find more information on the technical curriculae at the Technical University of Delft, the Technical University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology (all three universities are the founding partners of c,mm,n).

Where do I start?

  1. create an account on this website. You'll receive newsletters, invitations, and you can respond to newsmessages.
  2. browse through the pages under what is c,mm,n. This'll help you understand the basics of c,mm,n. Note: not all of these pages are translated to English yet, although they will be soon. Would you like to help translating these pages? Please contact .
  3. place your ideas on our new online webplatform.
  4. go to, where the latest developments are taking place. If you create an account on the wiki, you'll be able to edit and add articles. Note: you need to create a separate account on this website, the platfor and the wiki!
  5. come to the next c,mm,n garage!