c,mm,n car 2.0c,mm,n car 2.0

A big challenge

How will we get around in 2020? C,mm,n has been thinking about that. The car is now, and will continue to be, a complex sum. But of what? Wind tunnel tests. Family size. Traffic. Costs of maintenance. Materials. Engine technology. Vehicle interaction. Environment. Vehicle taxes. Navigation. Communication. Some of the options we are already seeing a glimmer of today. But which? And which are the ones that we have no idea of what they will look like in 2020?
Open, inviting, friendly, unconventional. The look of the c,mm,n says all these things. Its styling makes you feel at home in the car and gives you a pleasant vantage point for seeing the rest of the world.

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As you drive, life goes on. You may want to be alone to think. Or maybe you want to use the time to consult with others. You feel like finding the way from A to B on your own for a change, or maybe you're more comfortable being part of a convoy. Your car adapts as you adapt, depending on your changing needs: the steering wheel swings away to give you more room, the dashboard becomes interactive, the windows are blacked out on command.

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Material, structure, architecture and design of a car depend on the car's power source (hydrogen, battery packs or electric charging stations) and intended use (city or highway driving). This is why c,mm,n sees the new chassis as a platform to allow users and designers to create their own designs and interiors. Especially since the floor plate can take over a significant portion of the suspension...

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C,mm,n presents a fully electric powertrain. Batteries for electric cars have made great strides in recent years, allowing them to cover greater distances and making electric driving a lot more appealing.

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The c,mm,n is packed with creature comforts like electronic interfaces, digital communication capability for connecting other c,mm,ns and advanced driver assistance.

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