bodemplaatFloor plate

floor plate/suspension

Material, structure, architecture and design of a car are dictated by the car's power source (hydrogen, battery packs or electric charging stations) and the planned use (city or highway). This is why c,mm,n sees the new floor plate as a platform on which users and designers can build their own structures and interiors. Especially since the floor plate can take over a significant portion of the suspension.


C,mm,n features a new, specially designed suspension that keeps the car horizontal when cornering, and uses virtually no energy to do so. The secret is a simple, adjustable arm. Thanks to its compact size, the front of the car can be kept minimal and sleek, which not only looks good but reduces fuel consumption.


A significant factor in driving safety is tyre-road contact. The active shock system keeps the tyre flat on the road even on uneven road surfaces. This 'sticking power' can truly be the difference between life and death in unexpected situations: if forced to swerve suddenly, the driver retains better control.

tyre ware

When you make a turn or drive over an uneven surface, the wheel suspension springs back in response. As a result, you put a momentary extra load on the side of your tyre. At least, that's what happens with passive suspension. But the c,mm,n active suspension keeps the c,mm,n perfectly flat against the running surface of the tyres and prevents accelerated tyre wear. This means your tyres need replacement less frequently - another way the c,mm,n helps to reduce waste.