Natural Elegance

Open, disarming, charming, against the grain. These are all things that spring to mind when you look at the c,mm,n. Its comfortable styling puts you at ease in the car, and that comfort level carries over to your contact with the outside world.

The design takes its inspiration from the world of nature: like a smooth stone in a river, shaped by ages of rushing water.


C,mm,n keeps making it easier and more fun to be in contact with people around you. Because in the end, the most important thing is cooperation and community. The car's expansive windows invite contact. When driving in convoy mode, the car's corner lighting tells other road users how long you'll still be part of the convoy. And the community boxes are cargo spaces that can be opened from inside or outside for carrying space or to receive your online orders.


The car can be flexibly adapted to personal needs and local conditions. So c,mm,n can be with you for a long time. And wherever possible, the c,mm,n parts are designed for refurbishment and re-use, so there is very little waste from the c,mm,n.


Aerodynamics are a very important aspect of the c,mm,n design. Thanks to the rear spoiler, c,mm,n drivers in a convoy can share wind resistance.


The c,mm,n exterior is manufactured from a very light thermoplastic material that not only helps save fuel but offers a much greater freedom of design than traditional car materials like aluminium or steel. At last, the perfect contours of the designer's mind can become a reality.