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"There are no limits to a car's IQ"

driving simulator

The c,mm,n driving simulator allows anyone to experience what mobility will be like in the future. You can experience new technologies and see mobility solutions for the future right now. Solutions that increase the efficiency of the traffic system, like information on potential alternative means of transport and dynamic per-km tolls and carpooling support. The value of the car as a status symbol is changing. The importance of size and speed will gradually give way to the intelligence and efficiency of the car. The simulator also demonstrates that the car will become more and more sustainable, thanks to new technologies that will minimise the external impact of driving a car, support carpooling and make driving easier on the driver. By showcasing these new technologies, the drivers of the future can get an idea of what driving will be like in years to come.

Visitors to the AutoRAI were encouraged to give feedback on driving in the future, and of course all ideas for new applications within the car are more than welcome. With this method, everyone can contribute to the future of driving.


C,mm,n makes tomorrow's driving easy. The driver receives detailed information about the energy flows in the car and tips on how to drive more efficiently. More information does not always mean better information. C,mm,n tells you what you need to know, and you can always ask for more.

Information exchange in transit is essential for increased safety and better utilisation of the capacity of the road network. This means more than just the familiar odometer. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the driver's high-tech eyes and ears. When these are combined with global positioning systems and mobile communications technologies, the prospects become really exciting.


Everything that ADAS picks up around it is converted into vast quantities of information, which only become useable for the driver with the help of Karma. Karma (the KAR Mobile Assistant) is an electronic interface designed to give you the feel of an assistant right there in the car with you. Karma adjusts its voice and facial expression to inform the driver of the driving safety situation in real time. Underneath the attractive and effective design is an intelligent behavioural system that communicates with you in a natural and instinctive way. Your intuitive reaction is often faster (making it safer) than a response that takes time to think through.


When a car 'knows' so much about itself and the environment thanks to its high-tech systems, it's important to be able to access that information. When c,mm,n is communicating with the environment and with other vehicles, other cars can inform you and your car about changing road conditions and alternative routes.


When you need to focus on things other than driving, the car can make decisions on its own. Like when you join a group of other cars in convoy mode, the car and the other vehicles around you can decide what the optimal distance between you and the next car is.

In emergency situations, you can seize control instantly; after all, nothing trumps the decision-making capacity of a human being. But ADAS and Karma may be able to avoid accidents because their reaction time is faster than any human's.