River Display

The c,mm,n's multifunctional dashboard flows through the car like a river. The 'river display' interface is reminiscent of that of the iPhone, and accesses functions like the route planner, car pool centre and sound system. When driving in convoy mode, you can also check the news or read your e-mail while the c,mm,n takes over the driving, leaving your hands free.


While you're driving, life goes on. You may need some time to think by yourself, or you may need to be in contact with others. You want to enjoy the comfort of convoy driving, or perhaps you want to find the way from point A to point B on your own for a change. These are all mindsets that you may have when you get behind the wheel. And of course, your mindset may change, even while you are driving. When it does, the interior of the c,mm,n changes with you.

You may want to be open to information, or you may want to be sealed off from the world. You might have things to work out individually, or you might prefer to work with other people. The interior of the c,mm,n is designed for information and cooperation, but also gives you the options you need to be productive by yourself.


The interior concept is designed around the requirements of communication and navigation. Rather than trying to get the tools the driver needs out of the way, everything is intelligently arranged around the driver in a number of configurations based on the major mindsets. The navigation tools, near the steering and driving components, create an active driving experience. A block of communication tools is within easy reach for when you want to have contact with the outside world from inside c,mm,n. When driving in convoy mode, the driver's seat turns to face the rear passenger seats and you can lean back for a nap or activate the entertainment tools.


Communication means more than just talking, and c,mm,n is equipped to interact with the environment in non-verbal ways. The driver's seat is closed off on one side but very open on the other. Point the seat forward, and other road users can see your face and that you are open for communication. Turn your back to the windscreen, and you signify that you want to be left alone.

The rear seats can be used in a variety of ways, and they adapt to your sitting position.

Stearing and controls

In 2020, drivers will no longer have to devote their full attention to the road at all times. Various systems will allow the car to take over the driving and respond to driving situations even faster than a human driver.

Because some people really enjoy full driving control, but may also want to use their time in the car for other things, the c,mm,n lets you decide how much driving control you want. When you turn your seat to talk to your passengers or read the paper, the steering wheel tilts away and the c,mm,n takes over the driving.


Because in the future, mobility will comprise more aspects than it does now, the structure of the c,mm,n is very different than the cars familiar to us today. The arrangement of the passenger seats is different and the passengers have more freedom of movement. Certain passenger controls have been eliminated, and others have been moved or function in a completely different way. Cargo space is accessible in a number of different ways.


The materials used in the interior have been selected to be as open, communicative and sustainable as possible. For example, you will find no extraneous pieces of plastic in the c,mm,n. A clever construction of biodegradable plastic and air pillows eliminates the need for a heavy metal seat frame.

The rear seats are constructed from a soy-based memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body, so you can sit anywhere: in groups of two or three, or stretching out and relaxing on your own.

The upholstery is crafted from spacer fabric, a lightweight, refreshing material that feels cool even when the car is in direct sunlight. This fabric is manufactured from a single fibre type, making it easy to recycle.