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Good news! The web platform that was developed especially for c,mm,n is renewed!

In this new version it is no longer necessary to request approval before viewing the information. Also the control is more intuitive and there are more accompanying texts available.

And for those who do not know what the platform is: in this online program people can interact on c, mm, n: they can share technical data, smart ideas, inspiring projects, projects. etc.  Also, on the platform you can get in touch with c,mm,n-students at the Technical Universities, and with anybody else who’s contributing to the development of the c,mm,n.

Before using the webplatform, we ask you to register first. Then you can see which projects and workspaces (discussion groups) are active. And of course you can add your own information and ideas.

Click the image below for an anomated tour of the platform.

step by step instruction

  • Surf to the on line web platform
    The address – for now – is http://ocp.logica.com/ocp/cmmn.html.
  • Register
    Click [Register] and fill out the fields. Then log in using your freshly created username and password.
  • Select a project
    Click once on the project bar for a description, and twice to open the project.
  • Select a workspace
    On the screen a field with little squares appears. These squares are the workspaces: the discussiongroups on parts of c,mm,n. Click once on a square to show a description. Click twice or click on the 'arrow' (down-right) to open the workspace.
  • View the solutions of the selected workspace
    Then you'll see the solution-screen, here the real work is done. By clicking a solution once, you'll see the description, clicking twice opens the solution.
  • Add your idea or information
    Add your contribution (incl. description and tags) in an appropriate solution, under the tabs weblinks, discussion or documents, by clicking on the S-pencil button. If no appropriate  solution exists, you can create one by clicking on the 'S+'. The 'Create solution'-form opens and now you can add title, description and tags.
    Tags are labels that briefly describe your solution, and make it possible for related workspaces and solutions to be organised close together.