mobiliteitsdienstenmobility services

mobility-related services

Time was that the car was a luxury product, but these days everyone has one. Or two. Or even three. The function of the car continues to change. From luxury item, to household item, to means to an end. In the future, a question like whether or not you have your own car may not be as relevant a question as whether you have a fast and comfortable means of transport available for your own personal mobility.

A wide variety of mobility-related services will emerge, more than ever before. ICT systems that combine multiple information sources will give people the means of controlling their own mobility. You will be able to sign a mobility contract to guarantee access to the most suitable means of transport for any situation, from family c,mm,n plus folding bike to sports c,mm,n plus train. Using different types of transport in succession will be easy, and billing will be automatic. In 2020, options like these will allow lease companies like Athlon Car Lease to be one-stop-shop mobility providers offering a wide range of mobility services to a broad base of mobilists.