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Virtual Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 2040: one of the most dynamic and cleanest metropolises in Europe. The number of inhabitants of the metropolitan region has risen to over 2.5 million, and the area within the city limits has seen further construction on a massive scale. The space within the city is being used smarter, and sustainable energy is being generated. Life in the city is cleaner, healthier and nicer.

An extensive network of bus, tram, train, metro and water connections gives residents a wide variety of choices in transport. Travel by public transport in combination with bicycle (whether human-powered or electric) is fast, efficient and cheap, making this the most common means of transport in the city.

A virtual model shows the dynamics of the city of Amsterdam in 2040. With the virtual model, you can experience the impact (in terms of price and time) of choosing to go to work by car instead of by public transportation. Virtual Amsterdam was unveiled at AutoRAI 2009.