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Links to the c,mm,n-wiki

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Background info on c,mm,n
Progress on the project and of c,mm,n

Help needed with the following c,mm,nity projects:

  • Developer platform
    The beta-version of this platform was presented during the AutoRAI (the Amsterdam Motor Show). The platform enables easy, transparent consultation and discussions on c,mm,n.
    Click to view the user instruction.
  • Chassis
  • CARPet
    CARPet is the computer platform that will be built into the c,mm,n car.
  • c,mm,n 2.0

Foundation and license

Set up of c,mm,n Foundation
(Concept) text of the license
Discussion pages on the license
At this moment, a legal expert is working on the text for the license. The more help she gets from the c,mm,nity the better, so please contribute! 

c,mm,n design

1.   Exterior design
2.   Powertrain
3.   Cilinder deactivation
4.   Suspension
5.   Physical interior
6.   Interface interior
8.  ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
9.   Driving assistant
10. Powertrain user interface
11. Recharge points

Theories and methods

VIP-design – designing from possibilities and from a central viewpoint 

C,mm,n in the future

From the master thesis of Jacco Lammers, a founding c,mm,nity member: what does mobility look like in the future, is the freedom that the car stands for just a myth, how can sustainability be economically viable and what is the role that ICT can play?


Four times a year, there is an opportunity to confer in person with other c,mm,nity members. These garages are increasingly popular and a source for new ideas. Check the results through:

2nd garage
3rd garage
4th garage